February 24, 2024



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Napoleon Hill

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Trevor Noah, Born A Crime


“You should do what you can today and worry about tomorrow when it comes”, is a courageous quote from the Scottish Rugby player, Doddie Weir, OBE, who passed away recently following a six-year battle with Motor Neurone Disease.  His life expectancy following diagnosis was between six months and two years, so his extended lifespan to six years is testament to the efficacy of his philosophy.
In keeping with the theme of overcoming all odds,  Trevor Noah’s biography about being born of mixed race during the apartheid era in South Africa will focus attention on the inequality of the laws and determination of both Trevor and his amazing mother.
Born to a black mother and a white father in the days of apartheid, his existence was hidden from the world for the first years of his life for fear he would be removed from his family to be raised in a mixed-race world.  “Born A Crime” is the amazing story of his mother’s courage and determination and the resulting determination of Trevor to overcome the struggles faced by a man with black skin in South Africa.
You can view hundreds of clips of his humour as a stand-up comedian and from his seven years as host of the “Daily Show” on Youtube.  I will let you be the judge of his success.  If like me you are impressed, I heartily recommend his book “Born a Crime”.



My messages and purpose are motivational, and my theme is “not giving in”.  Don’t allow the problems of the current financial situation to reduce the quality of life for you and your family.  This an opportunity to broaden our horizons and look for new business models.  My favourite reading, whether fact or fiction has always contained messages of strength and over-coming obstacles.
If you are struggling or feeling the overwhelmed by financial problems, I can recommend some excellent reading to stimulate ideas and hopefully be the spark which takes you to the next level of business success.