February 24, 2024


An active love life throughout a relationship is like owning the keys to the fountain of youth.

Keeping Romance Alive

We enjoy keeping ourselves fit and trim to remain attractive to our loved one and the look of pride we receive when in company is a great boost to our egos. When we have reached the mature years, it is a great boost to our confidence, knowing our partner is still aroused when they see us and when we reveal the parts of our bodies we wish looked a little better, our partners don’t see the flaws we worry about. Each of us comes as a complete package: a charming personality, a smiling face and the body that they have always found sexy. Age counts for little when we are in a loving relationship and our pleasure in each others body is the icing on the cake.

With menopause for us ladies and prostate problems for the guys, love making isn’t the torrid affair of our younger days, but the experience of familiarity, genuine desire to bring pleasure to one another, mature sex for those of us over 50s is a heavenly stroll towards orgasm, rather than a sprint.


Men are great admirers of lingerie, stockings and suspenders and the shape of a lady’s leg when she is wearing high-heeled shoes.  We enjoy seeing a man in good quality clothing, a suit and tie, smart shoes and when it is time to reveal the whole package, there is nothing sexier than quality silky underwear.  If he is still slim and fit, all the better but if you have been together for many years, the love handles and looser skin never seem to register.  The same applies when our lover sees us, especially when we have taken the time to pamper ourselves and dress up in the lingerie he lovingly gave us for St. Valentine’s day or our birthday.


There is an electric current of energy between our bodies and our souls which has grown as we have matured and shared all the trials and triumphs which accompany our lives.


The long term love within a relationship is to be treasured and nurtured.  Never allow yourself to feel old and unwanted because the man or woman you married all those years ago is still the same person.  They are still in love with you and despite all the troubles we are forced to overcome over the years, these are the glue which holds relationships together.  The mutual strength and the pooling of each others wisdom in order to take on the world should bring us closer to one-another.


We need to consider the elements which can be neglected over time as we become complacent in our relationship.


Take time to re-introduce the romance.  Plan evenings out or holidays; don’t allow family and friends to intrude upon the special relationship you share!


Begin this very day by planning an intimate evening together.  Spice it up with some sexy clothing and maybe a favourite perfume.


Finally, make sure you have clean fresh bed linen, a bottle of wine and some sexy background music.


Seduce your partner and arouse each other until the old passion is re-kindled.

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