February 24, 2024

“It’s not over until the fat lady sings”

I’m not sure where that saying came from but I just wanted to use it somewhere.  I haven’t seen any fat ladies on the program but, the Prom season isn’t over until September 9th, so take a look at the remaining Proms and the ticket line and I guarantee you will enjoy an evening which you will remember for years to come.

Prom dates



18th AUGUST 2023


Last night I was absolutely swept off my feet by the BBC Prom at the Royal Albert Hall.

Stravinsky’s “Firebird” was the headline piece which the Scottish Symphony Orchestra kept until after the interval.

The evening began with the slightly atunal brass notes, leading me to think this was going to be a lesser known Stravinsky.  I was amazed to discover it was a composer I had never heard of before.

Samy Moussa (https://www.samymoussa.com/)

Samy Moussa1

He is Artist-in-Residence of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, a composer and conductor. He was born in Montréal in 1984, and at just 39 a talent destined for the halls of fame.  The passion and drama of his Symphony No. 2 are awe inspiring with the crescendos of the full orchestra including glockenspiels and other timpany:-

Symphony No. 2 for orchestra (2022) 20′
2222* / 42*(flugh)02*(euph, tuba) / timp / 2 perc / hp / piano (also celesta) / strings

The Scottish Symphphony Orchestra were absolutely stunning in their performance conducted by Gemma New.  The Moussa symphony was followed by the complexity of Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No. 2.

The pianist Pavel Kolesnikov was mesmerising in his style, flare and perfection.

Pavel Koesnikov 1


The London-based pianist was born in Siberia into a family of scientists. He studied both the piano and violin for ten years, before concentrating solely on the piano. Following his Wigmore Hall debut in 2014, The Telegraph gave his recital a rare five-star review and called it “one of the most memorable of such occasions London has witnessed for a while”.


This was truly a perfectly crafted program building to the performance of the “Firebird” after the interval.  It was so exquisite with the perfect acoustics of The Royal Albert Hall.

I believe I was spoiled for every recording I will ever hear following such a spectacular performance by all.

Returning to the tube station, the heavens opened and we, along with half of the our fellow audience were drenched by a deluge, but nothing could wipe the smile of pleasure from my face.  Bravo to the Scottish Syphony Orchestra and their conductor, Gemma New, and Pavel Kolesnikov!!!

Scottish Symphony Orchestra
27 Aug 2023, Usher Hall, Edinburgh

Edinburgh International Festival: Closing Concert


Richard Wagner

Tristan and Isolde – Prelude and Liebestod

Alexander Scriabin

The Poem of Ecstasy

Sergey Rachmaninov

The Bells


Find out more about the BBC Proms and different regional performances.  CLICK HERE 1


  1. P.S. I just want to add that today, Friday 1st September 2023, £65,000 have been raised for the Retired Musicians Fund. A very noble cause. A musician’s career is fragile and injury or sickness can cut it short before a musician has the opportunity to plan for their future. Men and Women who have brought so much pleasure to so many people should be cared for.

  2. Good morning Debbie/admin,

    I too went to the prom on the 18th and it was absolutley fantastic, one of the best I have been to. I agree with all your comments about the individuals mentioned, the conductor was great throughout and the soloist brilliant. I to had never heard of Samy Moussa but after this performance I certainly want to hear more.

    Like you I also got very wet afterwards but had excellent company for the evening which helped to keep the smile on my face

    1. Hi Ken, The BBC Proms have brought the sunshine that has been absent from our skies into my summer. I have enjoyed four Proms over this summer and each one has kept my face smiling for the whole performance and the following days.
      Sadly, we have almost reached the end of the Proms. Saturday 9th September 2023, the Royal Albert Hall will host most famous of it’s Proms, “The Last Night of the Proms”. Tickets for the Last Night need to be booked as soon as the season has been announced, as they have been sold out for weeks. But the televised spectacle is always brilliant and compelling; the excitement of the audience so infectious that people join-in the singing in many sitting rooms around the UK. There are still tickets available for the last remaining Proms at the Royal Albert Hall and Perth, so to anyone who has been inspired by mine and Ken’s musical pleasure, take a look at the booking line, you may be surprised by how affordable the tickets can be.
      I will be watching for the announcement of next summer’s proms, because I have been disappointed to miss out on tickets for some of the most popular programs. Having said that, I have been introduced to music, I would never otherwise have heard, and added many new composers names to the long list of my existing favourites. Happy listening to all, Debbie/Admin

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