February 24, 2024



One of the greatest pleasures we enjoy during the cold, dark winter months is considering options for holidays.  If we had an unlimited budget and time to travel to some exotic location, our imaginations are free to look at locations around the world.  Our dreams bring some pleasure into the dreary winter months.

Unfortunately, there are many practicalities which bring our dreams down to earth with a resounding bang.

Anyone who has experienced being a plus-size traveller on a long-haul flight knows that it will be costly to fly in comfort.

Different airlines have different policies for offering “comfort seat” bookings, which is the booking of an extra seat in order to move and possibly lowering the tray table to eat and drink during the flight.

Thankfully, this is all arranged at the time of making a booking.  I have heard and read quite a few stories of aircraft crew being slightly less than discreet when plus-size passengers request a “seatbelt extender”.

If you are aiming for a hot climate, excess body weight can make the whole holiday a misery as not being acclimatized, we sweat from sunrise to sunset.  The body moisture can lead to chafing and many other discomforts.  There is also the dreaded question of what to wear when on the beach or lounging by the swimming pool.

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I am encouraging everyone to recover their joie-de-vivre.  Life is for living and enjoying every moment whether we are single, married, parents or in our later years.  If you have submitted to the restrictions that came with lockdown, it is time to take stock of your life.  Risks are a feature of life, don’t let anxiety about Covid and it’s variants tie you to your home. 


Since the Covid pandemic of 2021, so many of us have limited ourselves:  overseas travel and holidays have been forgotten because of new and alarming reports of Covid variants.  Until this summer, I hadn’t even taken a trip to London, and I only live 40 miles away.  The after-effects of lockdown have reduced our imaginations and limited our desires for adventure.

Many people gained weight during lockdown, simply because they were working from home or home-schooling children and sweet snacks stored in the kitchen were easily accessible.  Comfort eating and sugar binges to alleviate boredom or overcome the stress of trying to support family members who were isolated didn’t seem a problem.  Slobbing around the house in stretchy trousers and t-shirts didn’t cause any discomfort if we had over-eaten.

2024 is nearly upon us and we must break free of the constraints which we accepted during the height of the epidemic.


Do you believe that with the help of this revolutionary herbal formula, you could join all the satisfied people who are shedding stubborn fat from around their middle, which has been resistant to all previous diets and exercise.  Research into the brown adipose tissue’s ability to burn up the white body fat which we accumulate from eating more calories than we need.  The BAT which is the body’s furnace and helps to keep us warm during cold weather, will be stimulated by this scientifically formula, and burn the fat, giving you more energy, better mental focus and no cravings because there is no need to starve. 


Start now, begin on January 1st 2024: commit to getting back to your ideal weight. You can dream of your perfect holiday, no sweat!

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Now let me address a common misconception that people have about losing their fat quickly.

Most people think that they need to have a lot of money to buy a three month supply of this scientific formulation of herbs and natural  ingredients.  At around £1.50 per day, this is an investment in your healthy future, not an expense.

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I have said this a million times on my pages: “herbal products cannot change your metabolism instantly.  Many of our cells have been completely replaced in the space of 28 days, some faster and some more slowly, but to achieve a breakthrough in your weightloss, a three month supply will convince you to maintain your new-found energy.

I don’t think maintaining a perfect weight will be easy without a little extra help.  I see food/dietary supplements as an investment in myself, rather than an expense.  If you plan to tackle your weight this year.

If you would like to find out how Puravive stimulates the Brown Adipose Tissue stored around your body to burn up the stubborn white fat which accumulates around our tummies and waist, click on the picture below.  After the video, you can hear the glowing testimonials of people who have begun their journey back to better fitness and health.

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Some of the scientific research:

Inhibition of AXL receptor tyrosine kinase enhances brown adipose tissue functionality in mice | Nature Communications