February 24, 2024

Valentines Heart Best



With St. Valentine’s day just a few weeks away I want to give couples a few ideas for celebrating the relationship which will not cost the earth, or maybe won’t cost a penny.

As a lady who has lived, loved and experienced all that life can throw at me, you may think my ideas are a little unconventional but many of them have given my life great pleasure.

For those who have young children or a baby, my first suggestion for beautiful gift a man can give his partner is a good night’s sleep.

Parents of young children rarely manage the ideal eight hours, unbroken sleep for the first four or five years of their children’s lives.

Gentlemen, take a day off work; Wednesday the 14th February 2024, book at least the morning off work and on Tuesday night, tell your partner to stuff earplugs into her ears.

Make sure that you have the baby-listener next to your pillow and when your baby or child wakes up needing a feed or a cuddle because they’ve had a nightmare, you are the parent who leaps out of bed and attends to their need.

Don’t allow the alarm clock to wake up your partner in the morning.  Let her sleep until lunch time.  

At 12pm you can take a cup of coffee, (the newspaper if people still read newspapers), a gift and her favourite breakfast.

This is just a suggestion based on my experience of being a Mum to two boys born two years apart.

I could be cranky, irrational, frigid, forgetful, neurotic and totally insane at times due to never having an unbroken night’s sleep.

If any of the above sounds familiar, a great and beautiful investment in your relationship is to give her that eight hours sleep.  It needn’t be on the 13/14th February, you can give her the promise, in writing for a weekend night so that you don’t need to take time off work.

You will need to plan that carefully so that she can sleep without worrying about you and the children, but the gift of peace of mind and sleep will enrich your relationship enormously, and you needn’t tell her how the idea came to you.

Let her think it was your idea because you see how much time she spends caring for the family.