February 24, 2024


Imagine you are a bar or club owner: you have taken a booking to host a stag party of 20 gents. They have given you a list of food and drinks they want you to serve and they want you to serve 20 Jagerbombs at a time, for about 4 or 5 rounds.

Jagerbombs Athens

For those who don’t know, a Jagerbomb is a shot of Jagermeister served in a shot glass which is immersed in a glass of redbull.  The drink is knocked back in one go for a caffeine hit which is like 240 volt shock, but much better.

Each round of drinks is using 40 glasses, so you need double the number of glasses needed for each round to allow for the time it takes to collect them all up and wash and dry them.

This is a very profitable event for your bar, but stag parties are very demanding, and can be accident-prone with the glasses.

Our website should offer the bar owner a good supplier for all his needs, who will offer a discount for bulk purchases and next day delivery.

Hubertus liege Jagermeister label


Across the UK we have millions of catering establishments ranging from the independent roadside mobile catering trailers which rely on passing motorist who are in need of a quick pit-stop, through burger vans and events catering marquees to the multitude of take-aways and restaurants.


No business can afford to be closed because of equipment failure.  With the high rate of inflation and taxes, every minute and every customer is a valued source of income.


We are in the business of keeping businesses running.  We want to be the go-to person who will help them if there is a problem with equipment.

Catering supply companies have embraced the Amazon delivery and supply system enabling them to provide business with the equipment they need “NEXT DAY” .

Royal Catering


We want our sites to be filled with helpful information which keeps business owners returning to our pages to read about new foods, recipes, ideas for menus which cater to as wide a variety of diet as can economically be offered.

Bar 200


We are building a relationship with the owners of catering establishments.  Then, if they have a problem and need to purchase new equipment, our web site is the one they are already familiar with, the one already open on their laptop or phone.





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