February 24, 2024


Napoleon Hill 1

My Happy Place is a website designed to share the happiness.

Inspirational, motivational and educational are my primary aims, but since I began the economy has been sabotaged with highest inflation rates seen in years.

As a result, I have now produced a simple course designed to help people build their own internet business.  The concept is based on “AFFILIATE MARKETING”; we are recommending goods and services which we feel are of value to others.

Every time one of our followers signs up for one of the services or makes a purchase, we are paid a per-centage.  This is a residual income, as long as someone continues to use the service they have signed up to, we continue to earn royalties.  When you can put in the time to build your business, the earnings are unlimited.

I believe in Karma.  The more I help other people to become successful, the more success will enter my life.

I hope my messages and my business ideas will bring you pleasure and if you decide to take the plunge and sign up for the Business Building courses, I will bring you wealth.