February 24, 2024


Napoleon Hill 1

There are days when we all need a little uplifting motivation and when the days grow shorter, the sun lower in the sky, our thoughts and emotions are more prone to being crushed.
We all have a duty to pass on positive thoughts to the people around us and if we can make our family, friends and coleagues day a little better, the karma we generate around us will be returned by people’s generosity of spirit.
When you prepare to leave the house or begin work from home, make a point to try to “make someone’s day”.
Compliment someone on their new hair style or clothes; offer your seat to a passenger struggling with luggage on public transport; allow the van driver stuck at a junction to pull out into the traffic.
The nature of the universe repays goodness with good karma.
If you allow yourself to face the world with a bad attitude and negative feelings, the world will repay you with bad feelings from those around you and unpleasant situations.