February 24, 2024



Broadband and mobile users to be hit with price hikes of up to 17.3% in April

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You will find many tools to compare all the different deals offered by each of the providers of broadband, landline and TV.


If you are completely debt free – and by that I mean you own
your home, car and everything else clear – congratulations.  For
the rest of you, please read on…
I’ve got some homework for you today.  Get out the current or
last statement from every credit card account you have.  Start a
list, and write the amount you owe on each one.  Then look at
the fine print on each statement and see what interest rate you
are paying.  You might be shocked!
Most cards start out with an almost reasonable rate.  But when
you take a cash advance, that gets a different rate.  Anywhere
from 25 to 40%!  And when you send in your payment each month,
they apply it to the installment stuff, not the cash advance.
They make that the last thing you pay, so they make the most
Take their offer to skip a payment and discover
that your rate goes up.  Accept their credit line increase and
your rate may go up.  In fact, almost every “nice” offer they
make to you has some fine print authorizing them to raise your
Something else you should know about those nice credit card
If you just send that minimum monthly payment they are so
gracious to offer you, it will take you 41 years to pay off your
card!  So let’s go back to your list.  Add them all up and see
what you really owe.  Most people avoid this, and like to think
they are much better off than they actually are.

Make the commitment that each month ON EVERY CARD, you will pay ALL of the new charges, and a certain amount to reduce that balance.

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  1. Visit the government web site to check your eligibility for benefits, tax breaks or emergency help. 
  2. Look for a better mortgage deal. 
  3. Free up a bedroom to rent out. 
  4. Offer your knowledge as an on-line tutor. 
  5. Offer your skills in accountancy or clerical work to small businesses. 
  6. Offer to work more hours in your main job. 
  7. Look for another employment opportunity which offers more money.  
  8. Look at Amazon’s opportunity to work with them as an affiliate or in their “Fulfilled by Amazon” business where you provide a product but Amazon keep it in their warehouse, handle the orders and distribution for you. 
  9. Join a circle of people who you can share school runs, babysitting, child minding and any other common jobs with. 
  10.  Produce a youtube channel offering instructions or advice for commonly needed problems. 
  11.  Buy or forage for old furniture which you can up-cycle and re-sell. 
  12.  Sell your car or if their is no penalty charges end a lease to reduce expenses.


CT Sussex
With Earth Day last Saturday, we wanted to share this exciting update We’ve revealed the new logo for our Electric Vehicle Community Car Club starting in Henfield! A big congrats to

for being randomly chosen for the 6 month membership #Henfield #Sussex

Electric car rental1


Car ownership is  something which can be  a burden with the high cost of fuel, and in my case ridiculously high insurance.  I am looking forward to the introduction of a community electric car share scheme which is due to be introduced to our village in June.

The idea is aimed at reducing the number of two car families in a village with rather small roads, not suited to on-road parking.  Too many vehicles parked along the street in the old Neptown area of the village could potentially obstruct emergency vehicles, in particular access for fire engines.

Where a second car may be used just a few times each week for shopping and social events, people could save money, support ecological ideals by replacing a petrol or diesel vehicle.  The cars should be available for periods of a few hours or maybe a day and can be collected from recharging points on the carpark by the village hall.

This is a pioneering scheme and Henfield is lucky to be included in this trial scheme.  I’ll keep you posted on the roll out of the scheme as and when.

Most regions have “Community Transport” schemes, but due to costs, prioritize transport for people with limited mobility whether through disability or age related problems.  You may be surprised if you take a look at your local council’s services that there are schemes available to help.