February 24, 2024




I don’t want your money:  I am looking for people with ambition, dedication to self-improvement, belief in your abilities and confidence in yourself. 

I want you to become a successful businessperson. 

Our aim will be to build a successful business empire, which once we have built it and utilized the tools to automatically update our content, the day-to-day management will take care of itself.  Our aim is to retire to our dream resort and pass to our children and grandchildren this empire we, as a team have built from scratch.   When we have established  this level of automation we can be confident that we have built an empire, worthy of passing on to our inheritors. 

The key is to make this business one of many we have built, enabling our relatives to inherit a thriving. 

The key to success is to build our business around the concept of helping our friends, family and audience achieve their goals, and in helping others, we will be blessed with the good fortune needed to climb out of obscurity and build the successful business we have dreamed of and struggled to achieve as individuals.


You need to be able to dedicate between 8-10 hours each week to your personal development and building confidence in yourself. 

There will be work to do and seminars to attend.  We will learn from the people who have achieved the goals we are aiming for, for ourselves.   

You have to believe in your own potential and be able to vividly see the person you want to be when you are achieving your goals.  

To maximize the amount of time we can dedicate to this, we will be working as a team in order to spread the workload.  We will allocate certain elements of each step needed to build a successful business to each member, each week, thus multiplying the number of hours of input. 

We are equal members in every way and work towards the success of each and every one of the group.

for more information: debbiemichel8@hotmail.com 

Learn to build fabulous web sites and how to make them visible to the world. 

How to manage your time in order to make a fixed time to dedicate to building our business or developing new skills.  Making a list of tasks, prioritizing certain areas of your happiness. 




We have to be brutal when committing to our self development.  If we are spending time with people who haven’t matured since their teens, we will share their resentments towards self improvement.  We have to be happy to associate with the team members and assist in the goals we have set ourselves.  

Your knowledge about Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Practise and develop your social media skills while supporting and promoting local busines start-ups.

Social Media volunteer to help capture and produce content that will showcase our diverse community, our social enterprises, and our outreach and solidarity work.

Engage with them and encourage them to further assist us by donating, volunteering or purchasing through MHPL.

Main duties may include

  • Capturing good quality images and films within Emmaus Greenwich’s shop, community and outreach locations.
    ● Assisting staff, companions, volunteers, visitors and customers with completing our media consent form.
    ● Assisting with designing content for social media using photographs, videos, texts & graphics which adhere to our values and standards
  • Interestedin photography and has a keen eye for detail
    ● Can write in a clear and concise manner
    ● Has great verbal communication skills
    ● Has experience of using social media channels
    ● Is highly motivated, enthusiastic and has a positive, can-do attitude

Time commitment

Commit to 8 hours a week for at least 6 months. This can be flexible in terms of what day(s), but we need someone who is happy to travel to our shops during open hours, Training, support and benefits