February 24, 2024



THE SUMMER OF ‘69Lost In Space

1967 publicity photo showing cast members

 Angela CartwrightMark GoddardMarta KristenBob May (Robot), Jonathan HarrisJune LockhartGuy Williams and Billy Mumy

On July 20th 1969, I was looking forward to the school summer holidays, but I was very aware of the excitement amongst our teachers and parents who were following the news of Apollo 11’s mission to land the “Eagle” shuttle on the moon.

I was 10 years old when mankind took our first step on the moon. I felt great excitement watching the coverage on our TV, but at that age, I didn’t appreciate the magnitude of the project; the many years of research and development. The immense calculations required in every stage of development and all without the calculators and computers we take for granted today. The sacrifice of lives testing every step of the mission and every piece of equipment. Each member of the project needed to give 200% of himself, neglecting family and friends to ensure the success of the mission and the survival of the team chosen for the mission.

For my generation, “The Baby Boomers”, the world of science revealed new truths about our history, our planet and our solar system every day.  For a child it could feel over-whelming.

Influenced by popular TV shows of the 1960’s, I was a believer in the idea that there is life on other planets.  I would often look at the night skies in the hope that I would have some sort of encounter, or at the very least see an unexplained aerial phenomena.





“Where No Man Has Gone Before” was the first episode to be shown in the UK by the BBC on July 12, 1969.